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- Interest and adjustments to improve the efficiency of cooperation and business relations between the two sides in order to create long-term relationships.

- View the development of product quality is a top priority, the strategy to diversify products to meet the needs of the customer to elevate the company and generate more business profits for dealers.

1. Policy support agent:

a) Promoting products:

- Updated information about pricing, merchandise, products, company policy.

- Consult and provide sign design, display products.

- Support uniforms, hats product introduction.

- Leaflets, banners, posters bosach.

- Participation in the program to promote sales of the company.

- Give information on the website, via channel online sales.

b) Support for goods, consulting:

- Online support via phone, mail ...

- Support, advice and training human resources for product

- Support policies and programs related to promotional activities and advertising.

c) Legal Support:

- Agent is supported on all legal procedures to implement trade promotion, advertising and selling.

- Provided copies of certificate of food safety certificates manufacturing standards, barcode, Certification of high-quality Vietnamese and certification ISO (the company completed).

d) Financial assistance:

- Agents are entitled to a fixed discount on sales orders and deductions directly on price.

- If the escrow agent to ensure payment to the Company in the amount depending on the business needs and financial capacity of the agent Agent will be entitled to the debt limit deadline is 30 days.

- If refused, the escrow agent to ensure overlapping debt up to 25% / orders. On the basis of the results of cooperation and payment history, the Agent will be entitled to preferential rates better public policy no.Chinh discount policy is being carried out independently and in parallel with the program support or promote other business (if any).

- If three consecutive months (1 quarter) sales reached distributor pose Awards will be 2% of the total company sales for the Reds, and is paid at the end of each quarter by subtracting orders directly into accounting followed immediately after you reach do.Cong sales company committed to pay agents bonuses for on time as agreed in the contract or addendum, text base arising from the contract.

- Agent support full cost of freight movement. Distribution company to take the place of direct sales agent and is responsible for the quality of goods shipped from our warehouse to the place of delivery of the agent.

2. Requirements for agents:

- Exhibited products as directed.

- Not allowed to trade over the counter products.

- Do not sell the wrong price regulation.