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- 200gr beef
- 100g scallion
- Started operating 50gr
- 50R ginger pickle
- 1/2 chili horns
- 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, sugar, pepper, soy sauce and chili


- Beef cut about 3 fingers

- Peppers, ginger cut only

- Marinate beef with chili sauce, soy sauce, cooking oil, salt and pepper

- For scallion, ginger, chili in mid rolled roasted

- Attendance procession roast beef with chili or soy sauce.

Small Tip:

Family New Year's Day is almost always available scallion. Buy more to add a little beef, cut into pieces of about 100g of frozen storage compartment. When should take much part in the book with sliced scallion and spices make the dish delicious and quick.