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With these advantages, Australian beef imports are increasingly popular in the Vietnamese family. How to select fresh Australian beef, cheap is a matter of much concern homemaker.

Some experience below will help you choose the right kind of Australian beef purchase nutritious, cheap quality:

1. Way to purchase beef under intuitive:

When choosing to buy Australian beef you should note the following points:

Choose by colored meat:

- Buy fresh red meat, grain marketing Velvety-scented beef, beef fat pale yellow.

- Avoid buying meat dark red, dark yellow fat, fiber to smell fragrant.

Choose according to the degree distribution of marbling on the meat:

- You should buy the meat with the level of adipose tissue distribution and uniform brightness fertile.


Maturity level of the herd:

Maturity level of cows for meat quality will vary. Therefore, when buy Australian beef, you need to know the age of the cow herd. In fact often raising cattle aged 36 months will give better meat quality young cows, calves. Hence the determination of the degree delicious steaks pretty much depends on this criterion.

2. Choose Cheap buy Australian beef:

To buy genuine Australian beef, cheap and quality assurance and food safety you should go to the dealer, the shop specializes in providing genuine clean beef from Australia.

Avoid choosing where to buy no credibility, no clear origin for quality and hygiene quality and food safety are not high, will affect the health of your family.
Currently, the system is FRESFOCO store is a supplier of fresh Australian beef, cheap, and ensure quality and safety for users.

Our products are guaranteed 03 criteria "CLEAN - FRESH - DELICIOUS" absolute compliance with food safety agencies have been authorized Medical Certification FSH, providing qualified customers to you goods.

With the slogan "Bringing our customers the most advanced products with minimum cost," Beef Supermarket become increasingly distributed reputation system and is the first choice of many customers.

In particular, the present system of our supermarkets are many preferential rates for customers as the restaurant, agents, partners, ...

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