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1. Muscle strengthening: Beef, Beef especially rich in ammonia acid, all higher than any other kind of food, work to increase muscles, especially health promotion body.

2. Vitamin B6 and protein: In beef protein and a large amount of vitamin B6 should be strengthened in the diet. Beef contains enough vitamin B6 can help you build immunity, protein metabolism and helps synthesize food, contributing to the body after recovery, but intense activity.

3. Chicken, fish, mineral-matter-carnitine evenly and sarcosine levels (a substance related to cancer) is very low. Carnitine is used primarily to support fat metabolism, amino acid sequence is to keep the body balanced and very good amino acids to create muscles.

4. Potassium: beef contains many minerals such as protein, potassium, two minerals ghost again indispensable in the diet. Low potassium levels inhibit protein synthesis and growth hormone production, will affect the development of muscles.

5. Several food oil content of fatty acids in beef are rich but low linoleic acid synthetic effective against antioxidants have the ability to work as collective sports like weightlifting injury tissue. In addition, linoleic acid can also participate in maintaining muscle.

6. Enrich magnesium and zinc: magnesium and zinc contributes to protein synthesis and antioxidants to promote muscle growth. Salt of glutamic acid and vitamin B6 and zinc interact with each other to strengthen the immune system and more importantly can increase the effectiveness of insulin metabolism.

7. Beef rich in iron, friction is again essential minerals for fast, quickly replenish the body's muscle and prevention of anemia.

8. Beef contain more vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is essential for cells, especially red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body tissues. Vitamin B12 promotes branched chain amino acid metabolism, thus providing the necessary energy for the body of the high-intensity activity.