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Beef salad was tasty dishes, nutritious, rich in Vitamin beef in an iron supplement for the body, more color looks very harmonious and cheerful, appropriate to supplement the daily diet .

- Beef fillet: 200g
- Lettuce, tomato, cucumber
- Cilantro, water mint, chilli, ginger
- Citronella, garlic, onion
- Salad oil, salt, pepper
- Sugar, chili
- Seasoning
- Soy sauce
- Fermented rice vinegar

1. Primary processing
- Cleaning Beef ribs, marinated with seasoning Aji-ngon® seed, salt and pepper for 30 minutes.
- Tomatoes cut his nose. Grated cucumber remove the intestines, sidelong thick slices about 5mm.
- Lettuce washed, shredded for the bowl.
- Citronella plants, chilli, ginger, garlic, onion finely chopped.
- After mixing water: 1m mix salt, 1M sugar, 1M chili sauce, 3M rice vinegar LISA and 2M salad oil.
- Heat oil, fry beef browned, add little water and cook, covered, over low heat. Occasionally magnets add little water until cooked medium. When still warm cut meat thinly across textures, retained gravy.
- Heat oil for lemon grass, onion, ginger, garlic, chilli non-aromatic, and place in the beef, soy sauce seasoning little "Phu Si" to saturate.

2. Mix salad
- Tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce mixing water into a bowl, and mix up.

3. Usage
- Arrange salad forks, for beef in the middle, decorated cilantro, basil leaves and pepper trimmed flower.

Small Tip
Mix the sauce with the hot beef, meat will easily absorb all spices hon.Tron vegetables mixed with water seepage will make spice level, while food will be delicious.