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The meat when the meat of cows Australian ...

Beef salad was tasty dishes, nutritious, rich in Vitamin beef in an iron supplement for the body, more color looks very harmonious and cheerful, appropriate to supplement the daily diet .

Beef steak (steak) dishes are very tasty but not everyone can do. First to the right place meat preservation and processing properly.

Beef is rich in iron supplements effective blood flow to the body and the body to prevent anemia. In addition, linoleic acid is also involved in maintaining muscle.

With these advantages, Australian beef imports are increasingly popular in the Vietnamese family. How to select fresh Australian beef, cheap is a matter of much concern homemaker.

Some tips below to help you select and tastier beef processing ...

Beef spaghetti dish lucky the spring with green beans, red peppers, golden wheat, the sweetness of honey, aroma of soy sauce, hot pepper ... All blend together to create a wonderful dish for Tet.

Buy a little extra beef, cut into pieces of about 100g of frozen storage compartment. When should take much part in the book with sliced scallion and spices make the dish delicious and quick.

Start new week with new tastes. Beef sauteed asparagus frugal and not greasy, fresh green asparagus quality food is good for health.

Ginger cook beef dish served with hot rice in the sun is excellent. You have a good choice of spicy ginger hon.Vi helps you to feel the sweet taste of beef and more health to help you ... are we going to the kitchen and prepare it.

The combination interesting between beef and peas will create new flavors for your family meals. This is a delicious and relatively simple processing. Further back healthy for taking average peas and sweet ...

Tomato soup with sour beef with sweet sour soup of sweet, attractive bar is a combination of beef with tomato, pineapple (pineapple), sour star fruit, pickled ...

Try changing a bit with Australian beef fillet with pepper combination black / green fragrant. Surely this will be the delights of family weekend.

How do beef rattles very simple, do not take time to eat and very tasty.

This is an unforgettable dish with fragrant sweetness characteristic of beef and green pepper blended spices soaked in sauce. This dish will be put rice in the rainy day meal or as the sun.