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Encrusted Ribs Beef
Australian beef rib meat provided by the system stores and whole imported bosach.com website alive and slaughtered in Vietnam in accordance with ESCAS standards, food safety and quarantine. Meat is vacuum packed and pasteurized, preserved in coolers standard of 5 star chef, so make sure the meat does not lose flavor, taste without preservatives. The system stores bosach.com be closely monitored and equipped with fridges and cool completely hygienic and quality assurance.

Unlike the majority of Australian beef cow market is frozen, defrost the meat loses taste. Only in bosach.com we provide fresh meat immediately after slaughter from 1 to 2 hours to ensure the most delicious beef intact.

Bosach.com guarantee: No preservatives, no food growth, not beef sick

How to make dishes using Australian beef rib meat: See delicacies from cows

Place the meat on the beef ribs: (See picture)
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